patch1 [pach]
[ME pacche, prob. var. of peche, a piece < OFr pieche, var. of pece, piece,PIECE]
1. a piece of material applied to cover or mend a hole or tear or to strengthen a weak spot
2. a dressing applied to a wound or sore
3. a pad or shield worn over an eye, as for protection
4. a surface area differing from its surroundings in nature or appearance [patches of snow on the ground]
5. a small plot of ground [a potato patch]
a) a small piece of any material; scrap; bit; remnant
b) BEAUTY SPOT (sense 1)
7. the connection of two circuits, pieces of electronic equipment, etc. with a cable (patch cord) having plugs or clips on each end, specif. such a connection ( phone patch) of telephone and radio equipment
9. Comput. a number of instructions added to a program that has already been translated into machine language, as to correct an error
10. Pharmacy an adhesive pad containing a drug or hormone that is to be steadily absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream
1. to put a patch or patches on
2. to serve as a patch for
3. to form or make by the use of patches [to patch a quilt]
4. to produce or piece together roughly, crudely, or hurriedly: often with up or together
5. to connect (electronic circuits, equipment, etc.), as with patch cords
to make electronic connections, as with patch cords
not a patch on
Informal not as good as; not comparable or equal to [the second half is not a patch on the earlier sections]
patch up
to bring to an end or settle (differences, a quarrel, etc.)
patch2 [pach]
[prob. < It paccheo, dial. var. of pazzo, crazy (< ? L patiens, sick: see PATIENT): altered by assoc. with PATCH1] Archaic
1. a court jester
2. any clown or fool

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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